Specialty coffee is a niche market currently valued at 40 Billion USD worldwide. In comparison to the general commodity market, specialty coffee fetches premium prices for exporters handling lower volumes of higher quality beans. The target market for this product is coffee shops in the United States and Europe. With growing demand for
coffee consumption both inside and outside the house, the total market is expected to reach 80 Billion by 2025.

We grow, process and export three varieties of specialty green coffee. All our coffee beans are either grown in our own farm or sourced from nearby farms and processed in our plant in Yirgacheffe. Our selection is our own unique blend of Edido, Konga, and Koke varieties. Altitudes vary but range from 2000-2300 meters.

With a lot of competition in this business, what separates us from other companies is our commitment to supporting the locals and farmers in the area. In May 2021, we completed the construction of a new regional administration building (known locally as a Kebele) with 14 furnished offices. Construction is in progress on a new police station for Gedeo zone and a health clinic for the community.

Our close partnership with smallholders allowed us to develop innovative and sustainable procurement practices. We provide our neighbors with farming tools and equipment at the beginning of each season. Traditionally, coffee producers sell their crop during harvest season and must survive on that income until the following year. This is not sustainable as farmers struggle to survive for half of the year. We focused our coffee procurement on the livelihoods of our farmers, by using incentives that pay our farmers throughout the year.