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We believe in providing the highest quality in all of our endeavors. Our company was founded on providing the best healthcare at an affordable price. We have since grown in providing many products and services but our moto remains the same; Quality is our priority.

Pharmaceuticals is the heart of our operations. Our company has a broad range of pharmaceuticals. Beker is the exclusive agent and distributor for Bilim Pharmaceuticals, based in Turkey and Mega We Care, based in Thailand.

Beker began processing coffee in Nov 2018. As of Jan 2019, Beker is in the process of preparing for export over 1,200,000kg of specialty Yirgacheffe coffee. We have acquired a facilities for storage and Coffee processing at Yirgacheffe.

Beker began exporting sesame seeds in Oct 2017. As of Jan 2018, Beker has exported 35,000 Metric Tons (approx. 2,000 containers) worth 6.20 million USD (170 million Birr) of sesame seeds

We export a variety of beans; Soya Beans, Red Kidney Beans, White Kidney beans and more

Located in Alemgena Addis Ababa, Beker Can Factory produces Tin products such as cans.

Avante uses innovative ways to make affordable and environmentally friendly water bottles

Beker Recycles plastic and other waste as a service to our environment

Ture cement factory located in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia is involved in the production of cement and poles

Han Plast is engaged in the production of Cement Bags and other types of plastic bags.

Located in Tercha town, Dawro Zone, the plant has a capacity of producing and preparing 150t per hour

Our farms in Arbaminch produce a variety of fruits

Our coffee production and processing takes place in our farms in Yirgacheffe

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